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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

As a helpful gesture for those struggling to make ends meet during this health crisis, Share a Light will continue giving FREE KPLC tokens to the households in need

Lend a helping hand

WELCOME Let's show YOU How much it takes to light an energy saving bulb for a month!

Example: An standard energy saving bulb rated 14Watts, running from 6pm to 11pm every day, Uses 14X5 = 70Watts per day. Converted to Kilowatts= 0.07Kw/Day. For a month= 0.07X31days = 2.17Kw per month. The standard cost of 1Kw from KPLC is approximately 15kes. Therefore it takes: 33kes to light a Bulb for one month in a home. We can all share a Light. Please go to

#ShareALight #Kenya #Covid19KE

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